I have a Linux workstation with red hat 9 installed. On this workstation I have internal SCSI Magnetic Optical drive. I need to be able to read and write to these MO disks in UFS format. I have recompiled my kernel to use the "UFS filesystem write support (DANGEROUS)" from make menuconfig.

I know I can read and write to the drive because I can insert a MO disk formatted as FAT run this command.

mount /dev/sda -t vfat /mnt/mo

then I can read and write to the disk. But when I insert a disk formatted as UFS and run any of these commands

mount /dev/sda - t ufs /mnt/mo

mount /dev/sda -o rw- t ufs /mnt/mo

Then I try to create a directory I get an error "mkdir: cannot create directory 'test': Read-only file system"

Is there a way to force the drive to mount in read-write mode?

Can I use the mount command differently to get the drive in read-write mode?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.