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    I can also sense the differences between the different browsers. In my experience the fastes browser is still the Opera. Unforunately it isn't fully compatible with flash-plugin. But for me it is the nicest browser too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mariane_08 View Post
    Its not about how "it feels". For me FF3 is rally slower in Hardy than I'd like it to be. From reading around I've come to the conclusion that just the way it is and I'll just have to add what tweks I can. I hope that maybe future releases may improve the situation. Like I wonder about Hardy 9.04 perhaps?

    Funny thing is I'm not sure it was always like this but I can really quantify the situation. I initially had Hardy installed and all was fine (I think anyway) Then decided to switch to Intrepid and FF seemed so slow, messed around for a couple of weeks and and went back to Hardy which now seems slower than it used to be (web browsing that is). I cant quantify very well because I moved location during all this which screws up any compare. All I know now is it's FF3 in Hardy is slower than in Windows XP. But I'll live with it for now.

    I wonder what SeaMonkeys like? I've never tried it.
    I just ran into some slowdowns in Firefox this week when I reinstalled Hardy. Scrolling on certain pages, for instance, was choppy and caused screen artifacts. The thing that seemed to fix it for me was to open up CPU Scaling Monitor and put it on "Performance" rather than "on demand." Your mileage may vary. There's a few tickets out on Ubuntu's site regarding this, so perhaps it wasn't just perception after all.
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