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Apart from IE, did other browsers have any problems with that page? Opera or Chrome for example, or was it IE-only problem?
We didn't test chrome, but Opera looked okay and so did Konqueror. So it appears to be an IE only problem, but one that web designers are aware of and normally account for (the designer wasn't surprised when we complained, he knew about it).

The problem came in with the automatic resizing of content... IE stretched everything out, and didn't round the edges of menus etc. Everything appeared blocky and pixelised. The designer mention some nice technical stuff about memory allocations that I didn't pay much attention to - web pages are not my thing. LOL I just told him to fix it. Funnily enough, different versions of IE displayed things in various broken ways. Ver 6.x was not too bad, ver 7 and 5 were totally crap.

The thing is, I now know that putting a website together is not a simple thing... there is some "hidden" knowledge that only the good guys know.