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Thread: What's wine??

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    What's wine??

    What's wine?? is it a abreviation and also, could someone explain to me how i can have like Linux and Windows XP at the same time and how i would go to and fro!!!!

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    Wine helps you to execute windows application under Linux, i have only used wine myself on singel applications, like winamp or msn just for fun. I have not executed the whole OS (like XP) under it.

    For that i have used VMware that i think worked OK, with vmware you can run XP or other OS:s under Linux or Windows like an applikation its works realy good. Otherwise you can install Linux on you windowsbox and just choose OS on bootup, that workes to. You have many chooises for this, read and try them out.

    For more info about wine look at this howto:

    For more information about vmware check out their homepage:




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