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    forwarding emails

    hello everyone!

    here's a problem:

    let's say that you want this email address -, for example - to be forwarded to a certain user. without using aliases can this be done?

    we're trying to simulate a "mail system" but we don't have root privileges. i know this can be done by placing an entry at /etc/aliases. we're looking for another way. ..

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    well i guess the answer's obvious.. . can't be done.. . hehehe.. .
    back to the ol' drawing board.

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    Sry, best bet i got would be to run a croned script on the e-mail inbox, that sends all the messages to a new address. But this is not esily scalable or resource effective, but its a possiblilty, assuming this ist too large scale as any plan would have to be implemented without root privlages would have to be run for each user, by each user.
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    i think i used the wrong words. sorry if there's some confusion. hehehe.. .

    what i really meant is that there is an incoming mail with address - - now i have aliases to the real addresses of users written in /etc/aliases, then the mta does the forwarding to the real address.

    this is one obvious solution for us to "simulate" a mailing system, where we really give supposed users who supposedly sign-up/register to get a supposed email address like the one above.

    but the only thing that's really happening is that all emails with such addresses in the /etc/aliases file are just being routed to one or two real email address. we then parse the "TO" header and then give the supposed user his/her email.

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