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Thread: Standby Mode

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    Standby Mode

    I am a relatively inexperienced Linux user. Do any of the distros support a standby or sleep mode? I see they all have it for the monitor, but I haven't seen it for the cpu. I know linus can run longer than the Energizer Bunny, but what about power usage?

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    There are several power managment options accessable through the Kernel Module acpi there are both standby and hibernate modes, implementatino through a GUI, im not positive, but there should be serveral options to managing.
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    Usually you have to compile power management support into your kernel yourself, unless you're running a laptop. Here's my personal experience...

    APM will give you basic support. Don't expect it to be perfect. Suspend will work when and if it wants to. What's really the point then, right?

    ACPI gives you many more options, most of which aren't usable anyways. However, hibernate and CPU control seem to work (knock, knock),and those are the two biggies.

    To see if you have support, first install the APM and ACPI deamons. Either or both, depending what you want. Then enable it using the APM=force or ACPI=force option in lilo.conf. If you choose to install both, then you have to include APM=off or ACPI=off to disable the other (i.e. ACPI=force APM=off).Remember to run lilo -v when you're done editing the file.

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