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    inodes directories and mount points, points of confusion

    Pretty much just a conceptual question here. I understand that the directory file links the name of the file to an inode, but that seems a little backwards logicly to me.

    What I mean is, if the system gets the location of the inode of a file from another file (directory file), how does it find the very first directory by name? Does the system just assume / will be linked to a certain inode?

    And involving mount points. When you mount sd1 to.../mnt/otherpartition.... Does it simply rewrite the /mnt/otherpartition directory file to point to an inode on sd1? And if it does, why does the system have to remount it every time at startup?

    I hope I expressed my questions clearly. Thanks for your time.

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    Those are excellent questions! Here are a couple of links that will answer these questions for you much better than I can.

    About inodes: Understanding UNIX / Linux filesystem Inodes
    File system details: About files and the file system
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    Thank you very much. ^.^

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