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    VM image loosing connection


    I have a Fedora server running Xen and a XP VM on it. On the XP VM i have a Cisco VPN client for users to connect to remote servers. The problem i have is when a user logs onto the Fedora box and then remote desktop's to the XP VM and then uses the Cisco VPN client to connect to a remote server, they loose connection to the XP VM. Then we have to kill the VM the hard way.

    Any ideas how to resolve this? Is there another way to connect to the XP VM so this doesnt happen if remote desktop isnt the way to go, like Ultra VNC, etc... Although, i hope there is a way this can be done with remote desktop.

    What ever the solution, the only requirements are that when a user connects to the XP VM, no one else can connect to it while a user is already connected and that user cant get bumped if another user tries to connect either.

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    What do you mean by "remote desktop". Apparently this may be a proximate cause of this problem, but when I've done something like this - remotely access a VM on my CentOS system from say a PC via my local network, I run VNC to a virtual desktop on the Linux box, and start the VM there. I'm using VirtualBox, not Xen because I cannot run native nVidia drivers with Xen. In any case, this approach works OK for me. You can start a VNC server running on Linux that remote VNC clients can connect with, and start your VM on that when the VNC server starts up. Then when the client connects, the VM is already running.

    I have run VPN client software on the XP VM that way, and never had a problem.
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    the place you are trying to vpn into might have a rule to disable local lan access while the vpn is connected, which would disable the route that you are using to remote desktop to it, this may be unavoidable unless you can specify to keep local lan access with the vpn connection active - but the server would have to allow you to do so

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