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    DVD+RW issues with Linux

    Why is it that my DVD+RW's work when I run them on Windows systems, but won't even be recognized when I run them on Linux? I've run cd's and dvd's on my Linux system before and my cd/dvd burner always automatically mounts and has the auto run popup windows showing me what's on the cd/dvd. Well, when I run these DVD+RW's, Windows see's them and opens the Windows to view the blank dvd's, but when I try them on my Linux system, it doesn't mount anything. It doesn't even detect the drive that the dvd is in. Is there an issue with Linux having problems with cd/dvd's that have been formatted on Windows that are RAW format? Because at this point, I'm at a total loss of ideas on what is going wrong with these dvd's. Or maybe the DVD's are slightly corrupt so they will only run on Windows now rather than Linux? Though, that makes no sense what-so-ever and I doubt that's even possible. And I haven't even burned much to these DVD's. Some of them only have had data burned to them once and this started happening.

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    What distro are you running? Other discs work, it's just these DVD+RW? Make sure you have the packages libdvdread and dvd+rw-tools installed. (Names may vary distro to distro, these are in Ubuntu.)

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    Mandriva 2008.1 Spring. My cd/dvd burner reads all disks I've ever put in it. These dvd's also read the first time I put them into the burner. But, after I tried burning something to them all once..I'm guessing somehow the process screwed up because that's when the dvd's stopped reading.

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    You say that these are blank, Windows (fat32) formatted discs? So, you are using them a normal discs, something like a DVD-RAM disc might be? I know Windows lets you do that - though it caches the data written to the drive until you close or go to eject it, at which time it actually writes the data to disc. In truth, if that is the case, Linux doesn't do that. It should see the disc, IF the session was closed. If you are running KDE, fire up the K3b CD/DVD burning tool. It can erase the disc and let you store data on them. I use CD-RW and DVD-RW discs all the time on my CentOS system.
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    The discs are in RAW format according to Windows. And I'm not sure if it's the program specifically or just Linux in gerenal, but I bought a 5 pack of new DVD+RW's and burned the first two using my Linux system. After burning the same ISO image to two of the blank DVD's, the first one read on Linux and Windows, I then took it back to Linux and erased (formatted) the DVD to test it and it no longer read on Linux or Windows. The DVD corrupted somehow right there. The second DVD burned and at the very end of the burn process, when it should have opened the cd case and said process successful, but instead, the program just stopped...I figured by waiting for a few extra seconds, the program would either finish or complete without showing it...well, I waited til the light on the cdrom went of and all most stopped (sound from the spinning stopped) and opened it..well, I put it back in and again..Windows nor Linux would read the DVD. Within about 10 minutes..that's two DVD's down out of 5. A took out a 3rd DVD and burned it using only my moms Windows system. I have burned several images to the DVD and it's still working perfectly without flaws. I'm not sure what the deal with Linux is or maybe just the Brasero program I was using..but I'm done wasting DVD's in Linux. I'll just use my moms Windows system from now on.

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    I use k3b for burning, and DVD-RW. So far, so good.
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