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    Phone call with pre-recorded message?


    I'm trying to set up a/our server to make a phone call to campus safety every time the "alarm" in our tv station has been going off for a certain amount of time. Basically what im looking for is a program that i can use from the command line, that will use a voice modem to make a phone call using our pre-recorded message.

    Im working on this off campus so i can only do testing on my own system, assuming i can find a modem in my closet somewhere.

    Also if anyones got any tips on writing the serial driver to detect signals that the alarm sends out, even though i do not know the extent of these, i didn't get a chance to inspect the alarm system before i left school, I'll post any updates once i get a hold of one of the people that would know more on the alarm

    Thanks in Advance
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    A long time ago I used to write serial drivers in assembly, but I'm sure that there must be a way to use a script to listen to the serial port in linux and then perform the desired action. I don't believe that writing drivers is the right way to go, if there is an easy way available.
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