Hi all,

I am working with the sipp tool for sometime and encountered an issue with it. The problem scenario is I need to use 2 different scripts to perform calls. One script I send out the initial sip INVITE and in another script I need to send some INFO messages (these INFO messages require the same call-id as sent out by the INVITE). For some work purpose these messages need to be written mandatorily in different scripts.
The problem over here is when I run the first script it works all fine, but when I run the second script it tries to create a new call-id for this session and cribs about the call-id (since for my scenario both the scripts need to use the same call-id). I cannot run the scripts from the same port (it throws an error).
So here
1) I need to find a way out to use the call-id used in the first script and use it in the second script.
2) If possible please do let me know any command in sipp which can write the
call-id parameter into some file, so that I can use the file for the second script.
Please do let me know ur view on the same, and do help me to find the solution.

Thank you.