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    Backgroud Jobs from init.d

    Hello everyone.

    I am starting a background job from a startup script in init.d
    I'm using "sudo -u" to start the job as a non pivilaged user as opposed to root.
    Something like so:
    sudo -u testuser /usr/local/bin/command parameters &

    The background job works fine. But I would like to bring the process back to the terminal as I would usually do using "fg".

    But the "jobs" command does not show my process. I have tried running "jobs" as root and as "testuser", but it does not list anything.

    So... how do I show this job (or any others like it)?
    And how do I return it to the foreground\console?

    THANK YOU!!!

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    You have to somehow make input/output i/O of the program to a tty device. That's quite difficult.

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