for the past 2-3 years i've used my desktop as my tv with the original all in wonder radeon card from ati.

Now i've got a new laptop and the only thing i use my desktop for is the tv. So i want to ditch the desktop and turn it into a file server at my apartment.

If i do that then i will need a tv (and i prefer to do it on my computer), so i wanted to get a usb tuner. Unfortunately i've found linux support to be extremely weak in this area. I did find one project that has drivers for some of the usb 1 devices (from haupage mostly), but nothing for usb 2.0

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these cards or even by chance that they've gotten a usb 2.0 to work under linux?

I really wanted the ati tv wonder, because i know the product and i can trust it. but in reality anything is better than nothing.... although rca input would be nice.

I was thinking of sucking it up and just booting into windows to watch tv.... but that will be a boatload of rebooting..... on the other hand i don't think usb 1 will carry the tv signal as well as i would like.