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    Quality of print on faxes?


    My question is about the print quality of faxes.
    I created a document with Openoffice.org3: font 'Times New Roman' and exported
    it as pdf file. I sent it as a fax through faxzero to a copy/print
    center: Staples
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    The quality wasn't that good. The quality might be OK for general use,
    but I want to send some resumes. So I am trying to determine why. I'm not
    familiar with faxes so I need some help. Is this a problem with faxzero,
    the copy/print center, or with faxes in general. I would consider buying
    a fax machine if this would help.


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    I'd put my money on a faxzero problem. They may lose something in compression or how they handle the documents. If you can have 2 pone lines, go to Staples and buy a cheap fax machine.

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    Faxes use a lossy compression algorithm in order to conserve bandwidth on long distance phone lines. The quality is never going to be what you think it should, and if they can read it at the other end, then that's all that is required. If quality is required, then email the PDF to the recipient instead.
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