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    removing installed applications....

    How do you uninstall applications such as guile ?? infact how do you uninstall anything that you have installed with ./configure & make ???

    I'm rather new to this....

    thanks in advance....

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    you can use "checkinstall" or use "make uninstall" if that is in the make file. good luck!

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    Thank you...

    that's the baby - make uninstall - -seems to work - does that mean iit's removed all traces of the package ? - I'm trying to keep a neat installation

    BUT what if I've deleted the directory that I ran the ./configure from ???

    thanks for your help

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    Actually - whilst it said it was uninstalling and the script did seem to do lots of rm, the guile program is still in the /usr/bin directory !!!


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    The source package would have installed the binary in /usr/local/bin. Don't you have the guile RPM installed as well?

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    I downloaded the tar.gz file - unpacked it in a directory - and according to the readme I just needed to run ./configure & make

    Correct me if I'm wrong but RPM is another method to install and handle packages ???


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    Yeah, that's right. The thing is that the RPMs that come with the distributions usually install files in /usr/bin, while source packages usually install in /usr/local/bin by default. Therefore, I suspect that you have a guile RPM installed as well. Run "rpm -q guile" to see if that's the case.

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    thanks for the sanity check.....

    guile not installed - maybe I'm just being paranoid about installing stuff on linux.....and trying to keep it clean...

    it's all good fun.

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