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    Suggestions for a re-noob

    Ok, I know you all have probably hear the question a million times "What Distro should I use?" and I get it its like asking someone for there oppinion on what hat to wear.. I'm going to give you what I have and see what you suggest around that..

    I'm relatively new to Linux.. I've tinkered with it here and there for about a year.. I've been working professionally on computer with windows for about 12 years. So I know computers but not so much specifically Linux..

    I have a rather old.. computer.. it has 512mb of ram.. 1.1Ghz AMD Athlon processor.. and 2 80Gb hard drives..

    I'm looking to try to get running a web server.. with FTP, File sharing with my windows machines.. and anything else that I might have a wild hair to try out.. I've tried a number of different distros in the past.. and I think I've finaly decided on Fedora.. I tried running Fedora 10 on it and that was needless to say not such a good idea.. it took it 20 min to boot..

    1. What distro of Fedora would you recommend for that machine.
    2. Im good at computers.. not server side networking.. so any suggestions on something that might help me learn that side..

    I know its long and I'm sorry but I'm really sick of tinkering with linux.. and would really like to bury my face in it.. and get good at it..



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    I reccomend that you upgrade your RAM to atlest to 1 GB and see the difference . Fedora will work nice with 1GB of RAM
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    Mepis or AntiX should run fine with those specs.
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    CentOS might be a better bet if you want a server ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by vickey_20 View Post
    I reccomend that you upgrade your RAM to atlest to 1 GB and see the difference . Fedora will work nice with 1GB of RAM
    I'd also recommend you up your RAM a bit if you want to use this machine as a server. I would not recommend using Fedora for this, even if it will run with your allotted RAM. Fedora is a bleeding-edge desktop distribution that is not suited for something you're going to want to be constantly up and running. I echo the recommendation earlier that you use something more stable, like CentOS, which is the free version of Redhat Enterprise Linux.
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