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    help with redhat 8.0 plz. :)

    Hey guys. I have just installed redhat linux 8.0 for the first time, and am a first time linux user.
    The setup went fine and I have managed to create a root accout and things seem to be working allright.
    However, I am having a couple of problems. First off, I found out that my cable modem does not work, as i am using the usb version, so i an going to get a lan card 2morro and hopefully that should work ok.

    i cant play mp3 or video files either. I am using the KDE gui, and as i said before I am very new to linux so am looking to you guys out there for some help.

    when i try to play an mp3 file, i get an error msg saying that the program used to run them has crashed. any ideas?

    I am using a creative labs snd blaster 128 and other sounds seem to be working fine. just no mp3
    also, i have a few films on cd which are encoded with divx and xvid codecs, but cant run them. it just says that it cant find any software to play them.
    So how do i set up redhat so it will run these mp3 and video files? do i need certain packages and programs??
    does any1 know any sites where i can learn how to use redhat?
    also, where can i get the latest linux drivers for geforce 4 and snd balster 128? is there a dedicated linux driver site?
    I also own ut2003 and half life, and i play counter strike a lot. i heard it is possible to play cs even with linux, but when i put my cd in to install and double click on setup.exe it doesnt work, nothing happens.
    I would really appreciate some help.
    sorry for being such a noob but i am very interested in learning to use linux as its pretty awesome!
    thanks a lot guys!

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    I think these are answers to most of your questions. Tell me if I missed something.

    RH8 ships completely without MP3 support, due to legal issues. If you're using XMMS to play MP3s, go to and download the MP3 RPM for RH8.
    To play movies, download MPlayer from
    There are lots of great HOWTOs on that describe how to accompilsh certain specific tasks.
    I don't think you need a new driver for your sound blaster, but RH8 only comes with software rendering support for nVidia cards. Download nVidia's own Linux drivers from The reason why most (if not all) Linux distros ship without them is that they are closed source.
    No, there is no dedicated site for Linux drivers, mainly becuase there is hardly even a dedicated site for Linux at all. The closest you can come to a dedicated Linux site is, but they only deal with the official kernel tree, and there are many drivers apart from those that ship with the standard kernel.
    UT2k3 comes with its very own dedicated Linux port, and a very efficient such as well. Both UT2k3 and Q3 run more efficiently on Linux than on Windows (surprise!), providing your system is correctly configured. The Linux installer is on the third UT2k3 CD.
    And no, you cannot run HL's setup.exe under Linux. EXE files are Windows programs, and no Windows programs can be run natively under Linux (as they are two completely different systems, with completely different ABIs). You'll need a Windows emulator, such as Wine, to accomplish that.

    Good luck exploring the real computing experience!

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    wow, thanks mate.
    I have been readin some past posts on these forums, and it has come to my attention that your like a linux god of some sort

    I have tried to get those linux drivers for my gf4 but there is a choice of ia32,ia54,amd64 or freebsd drivers. :/

    which one of these would i need? i have a nvidia g4 mx 440 64meg agp.

    thanks again, and hopefully i will be able to get a good linux system running as it is a fantastic OS. i ahve been missing out

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    You will want the IA32 drivers. IA32 stands for the 32-bit Intel Architecture, which incorporates every Intel x86 compatible processor from the 386. IA64 is Intel's new 64 bit archiecture, and I don't think any home PCs use it. AMD64 is AMD's equivalent. FreeBSD isn't even Linux; FreeBSD is another open-source UNIX OS, actually older than Linux, but it isn't as free, and therefore Linux has matured more than it has.

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    Hi, I downloaded the mp3 plugin and it works great. I can play them ok. However, I am having a bit of trouble with the old video player. I have downloaded it, and managed to extract the files into a new directory, but I dont know how to instlal it. What should i do?
    Thanks again, sorry for the n00bness!

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    "The old video player"? Does that refer to MPlayer? In that case, how comes you're calling it "old"?
    If it was MPlayer that you downloaded, and it was the .tar.gz file, follow these instructions:
    1. Open a terminal.
    2. Unpack the file with "tar xvzf MPlayer-xx.tar.gz" (change xx to the actual version).
    3. cd to the new directory.
    4. Run these commands:
    su -c "make install"
    The last one will require you to enter your root password, in order to install the program.

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    lol, when i said 'the old video player' , its a figure of expression.

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