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    fresh re-install of redhat 8.0

    Hey guys. I recently installed redhat 8.0 and am a first time linux user. I am fairly impressed with it so far, however, mainly because i am a total n00b with linux and have very little idea how to use it and its packages, i think i messed up the installation, as sometimes it just crashes for no reason.
    So i was just wondering how it would be possible for me to do a completely fresh install of redhat. would it mean i would have to reformat and install again?
    if so, how would i go about reformatting, and stuff!

    Thanks a lot ppl !

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    also would anybody recommend redhat 9.0 over 8.0?
    I currently have 8.0 on cd, but have a pretty fast internet access so downloading it would not be a problem. However i have heard that redhat 9.0 seems to run a lot slower that 8.0 and has a few problems which need to be dealt with! is this accurate? and if so would i be better off sticking to version 8.0??

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    If you have enough RAM, ideally 256Mb + then go with RH 9. I can't really see why RH 8 should be any quicker that RH 9 really, but I have a friend who's sure that RH 8 was quicker for him, but he has a reasonably low spec on him computer.

    I run RH 9 on a machine with 128Mb of RAM and it's not that good - the more RAM the better if you ask me.

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    I do know that RH9 fixes a lot of problems that are present in RH8, but I don't know about its speed; I haven't tried it myself.
    About those crashes, please describe them more thoroughly. What is it that crashes, and in what way does it crash (does it exit or hang), any error messages? If the whole system freezes, do you get blinking Caps and Scroll lock LEDs?

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    well, i pointed out in a different post that the audio player crashes when i try to run mp3, but dolda told me how to fix that and it is ok now.
    When the computer crashes it usually happpens if i am running gnome and it just hangs at totally random times. to me it seems that these hangs occur when i am running that needs to use a lot of ram. however, this doesn't happen in KDE.

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    When it hangs, check these points:
    1. Do your scroll lock and caps lock LEDs blink?
    2. Can you ping your system from another system (if you have a LAN)?
    3. Can you switch to a text mode terminal with Ctrl+Alt+F1?

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    ok thanks, will check those out and get back to you mate.
    you certainly are a helpful ol' chap

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