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Thread: 'Beta' distro?

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    'Beta' distro?

    Hi, not sure where to post this but I think it might be appropriate here?

    'Was considering in the 'Install' section but I think my subject might be more general and since it's not an install-specific question. However, it deals with Install issues.

    Anyway, I am interested in installing a 'beta' distro from one or more of the following:

    OpenSUSE, Mandriva and Fedora. I would consider Debian but it would have to be Sid (would I just install 'Testing' and download updates until packages are from sid or add Sid repos and do this?).

    I assume this is not recommended for your main system/OS but are you really risking much if I am careful when updating?

    I think the RPM-based distros look really good and would like to try using one more. I have Fedora on one of my partitions but I haven't updated to the latest, yet. I am also unfamiliar with it still including RPM (yum) but sometimes I really like how it works. Other times, I get confused. LOL!

    Anyway, I would like to try some of the updated features/packages like KDE 4.3.

    Which distro do you recommend (and why?).

    I would also consider Kubuntu but how would it be if one installs the latest Karmic Koala (9.10) from the 'beta' isos? Ditto for the other distros?

    I'm asking about this since I am planning on buying a new system, likely an AMD-based Phenom II one with 785G chipset/northbridge (and SB710) and I'll probably get a Nvidia card later on (although, some of these boards have ATI integrated graphics I could use in the meantime). I researched it quite a bit and narrowed down to a few boards with hardware I know is compatible in Linux.

    I'd like to dual boot with Windows 7 (when it comes out). I want all the operating systems to be 64-bit. I also would like to use whatever distro I choose on my Thinkpad T41 laptop but of course, I'd use the x86/32-bit version (dual boot with XP - on 120GB IDE HDD).

    Sorry if this question is a bit lengthy. Do you think it's okay to try these up-to-date distros or more wise to go with a regular release?


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    Development versions of distros have varying degrees of stability. My experience has been that once they reach beta, they are generally usable. However, there is always the possibility something is broken or will break.

    Basically, I would say, if you don't mind running into occasional problems, and are willing to do some research to try and resolve or workaround problems, then sure, test out some betas. Even better if you learn how to report bugs and can contribute back to the development that way.

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