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    Help using scp with putty

    I am trying to download a large file from my server to my Windows XP Pro machine using Putty instead of ftp.

    I tried:
    scp filename-to-download c:\temp

    but it says:
    c: Name or service not known

    Anybody know how I can set this up and get it working?

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    It should look something like
    scp jsherk@servername:/home/jsherk/filename-to-download C:\temp\
    You should then be prompted for your password. If you're running on a port other than port 22 make sure to include that with the P switch.

    As an alternative you can use Filezilla or WinSCP to do it graphically. By the way, just to help you with your searching Putty is only a Windows client name, the service itself is ssh and/or sftp.

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    Thanks for the quick reply...

    Even I use your format above, and after it asks me for a password, I still get the same error that says:
    C: Name or service not recognized

    so I am assuming the problem has something to with it not being able to recognize that C: is on my windows machine.

    I usually use FileZilla, but for large files I noticed that when I use Putty (ssh) it uploads them quite a bit faster, so I was wanting to try the same thing for downloads and see if it made a difference.

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    If you're using Putty then the command should be pscp not scp. I tried it on my Windows XP and it works:

    "c:\program files\putty\pscp" user@host:/tmp/a.a  e:\downloads\
    I've read the WinSCP is a good option if you can't get Putty to work.

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    Thanks lomcevak...

    I tried your command from within PuTTY but it did not recognize the pscp command. But then I had a brain storm and if I run your command from the command line it works perfect, so I am making a batch file to automate the file retrieval.


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