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Thread: Tweaking Putty

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    Tweaking Putty


    I'm using Putty to connect to solaris server's at work. I have been using VNC / Citrix all along and the "Putty" experience is new to me.

    Can someone give me a few tips / tweaks on fixing the following in my Putty session :

    1. The Backspace key when pressed, outputs the ^H / ^? character. How do i change this to move the cursor one space back when " backspace " is pressed ?

    2. When working with other remote connection clients, pressing the "UP" arrow takes you to previous commands ? how do I enable this on PUTTY ?

    3. How do I get the Home and End keys to work as normal ? Currently, the cursor either stays still or changes the letters between upper and lower, when these keys are pressed.

    Any assistance is highly appreciated.



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    These aren't Putty problems as far as I'm aware, older Unix systems behave differently and Solaris has continued with a lot of these conventions. It's normal for Solaris to output ^H for backspace as it doesn't use backspace - you should use the Delete key. Similarly the command history is a function of Bash and I suspect you are using ksh or bash is not configured for this behaviour. Either way it is configured on the Solaris server side, not within Putty.

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    Thanks a lot. I just figured out I was using Korn. Changed to bash and its all good now.

    One Problem though, I have a tough time editing with vi.

    The up, down arrow keys dont seem to work as normal ?

    Any ideas ?


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    Have you checked your keymap? Do those keys function correctly outside of vi?

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    Yes, they do.

    For instance, the UP key in the shell takes me to the previous commands..

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