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    Linux For None Computist

    My Dad is an engineer, and can't live with XP because it isn't very logical and it's too complicated.

    He thinks he needs to go and buy a Mac, but I think we should try some form of Linux first.

    He just needs to email, watch online videos on the BBC iPlayer, listen to radio shows on the iPlayer, and move photos around.

    Is there a very simple, straightfoward distro designed for the older generation who have only just come to computers?

    Also needs to be able to access our network with a LAN drive, but I guess that most will be able to do that?

    Cheers for any help in advance!

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    This is a common question and there is no correct answer as it usually comes down to taste and personal preference.

    However, I usually advise new comers to try out Ubuntu. It's simple to use and works with a lot of hardware so there is little messing around after installation. For playing flash (required for iPlayer), MP3s and most movie formats you will need to install support for them. This is very simple though, just fire up a terminal and enter the command

    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras
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    Hey, thanks for the fast reply!

    My initial thought was to go straight for Ubuntu, I've used it before, but I was just wondering if there was something even better suited?

    Anyway, I've got a spare hard drive so I'll stick that in with Ubuntu on it and see if he likes it.


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    Ubuntu can be a good choice. Linux Mint (Ubuntu based with restricted extras preinstalled) can be another good choice for a new User. Mepis (Debian Based) is another good distro to start out with also IMO.
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    I will second Mint Linux, it's the bees knees once you get it set up just right.
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    arch linux

    another vote for Mint

    Yep, I think that Linux Mint is probably about as easy as it gets for new users to Linux. I really can't think of anything else more simplified for new users.

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    May be a me too reply. I would like to recommend Mandriva.
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