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    using files on separate hdd

    I am currently running redhat 8.0 on my primary slave drive. On my primary master, I have winxp professional. I was just wondering if there was a way to accecss the files i have on my winxp hdd from redhat and vice verca. the hdd that contains winxp is a ntfs partition. i dunno if that helps.
    i have heard that it is possible to access files when there are 2 OS on 1 disk, eg , if you have linux on one partition and winxp on the other. so there could be a way to do it across 2 different hard drives, no???

    also, i am new to this whole linux world, but i was just wondering, do you guys who have a linux OS also use MS windows or have you dedicated yourself to the greatness of linux?? lol!

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    It's very possible to access the Windows files from Linux. NTFS has no write support in Linux yet, though, so it will be limited to read-only access. The only way I know to access the Linux partition in Windows is to download some seperate program, for which I don't even know the name. In any case, you can't just map it on a drive letter, that's for sure.
    There are several old posts on accessing the Windows partition from Linux. This post should tell you everything.
    Having the OSs on seperate disks doesn't make any difference whatsoever.

    As for your second question, when my hard drive crashed about half a year ago, I did not install Windows on the new one. I hadn't used it for several months anyway.

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