I have a problem with Konqueror that other people have had, but I have yet to come across the fix for. It seems that, at random, I get timeout errors when accessing links. These timeout errors are instantaneously generated, so obviously something is awry. Also, if I keep trying the link the timeout error eventually stops appearing for that link, but will arbitrarily appear for another link sooner or later. I estimate that these timeout errors are generated about 5% of the time.

I have done some research, and found that a bug report has been posted at KDE, without anyone either taking it up, or posting a fix. I've posted the problem at Debian forums and at Debian bugs, and drawn a blank. Now either I'm being targetted by the big brother in cyberspace :o - or someone has some idea what's going on.

I am using Debian squeeze (but it's occurred with other versions of Debian), and don't use proxies.