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    Thumbs down running clamav with a wubi install - help

    I'm a newbee and I installed kubuntu 8.04 with wubi on my XP ntfs d:\ drive which had a single 150 gig partion and I cant access it - my c:\ is only 80 gig and I don't want it to crowded (I can access That drive fine) to fine which brings me to my question - the other day I ran clamav and wasn't really paying attention , but before it was half way done I happened to look at my display and every file clam found on the ntfs partion was listed as a broken file . How would I go about tellin clam not to scan ntfs system when kubuntu is pretty much just another folder within that system,isn't it
    I'd sure appreciate it if someone could help me or point me in the right direction. since I can't protect the linux install I've been useing XP and wanting to explore kde more. I'm running kubuntu 9.04 now and it has all the bells and whistles I'll ever need. I just started downloading from the "universe" group and don't want to be exposed -haveing just gotten hit on xp by FakeAlert and being sent to all the porn sites I'll ever need- took me a week to find that bugger and xp still a little unstable
    Later people , I gotta go take my dog out and go to work

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    If Kubuntu and XP are in Drive \D what is on C Drive then. ClamAV is capable of scanning directories. So you could exclude Kubuntu from the scan I guess. I am out of my expertise when it comes to wubi installs though. Plus I don't really run Windows except for one application. So I am kinda out of my depth here. Good luck with it. I don't worry or scan for viruses except if I am going to transfer something via USB to my Wifes windows computer and all I scan is the USB drive in question. So I aint a virus checker expert by no means.
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