Redhat schrike,

When in gnome , I click on the terminal icon...i get,

"There was a problem with the command for this terminal:

I do not see my normal " [gary@localhost gary]$ "

I want to install adobe reader,

and the c-media sound card driver . (I have no sound)

and geforce driver. I have downloaded the Linux drivers and pdf reader

to an icon " gary's home" (/home/gary). I hit ctrl+alt+f1 to get into console.

logged in and saw " [gary@localhost gary]$ " I tried cd /home/gary , didn't work.

I did a dir and all the files i downloaded were there but tar and sh did not work.
what do I do? how do I search for files?

how do I change or make directories in full console mode or gnome.

How do I find my files when I click on the icon "gary's home"?.... I can see all the stuff

I downloaded..but sh and tar do not work. What do I do?
I thought I made a directory "download"in the terminal window by using md download but

I can not find it. Iam in root user because i don't know how to set up another account.

Pretty stupid huh? Please help