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    the best codec combination to make a screencast

    Hi all! This is my first post here, so I hope I've chosen a good place for it (no 'search for screencasts' results).

    I'm making a screencast, using gtk-recordMyDesktop, which is going to be about 13 minutes long. I want to ask you about your experiences and suggestions about encoding audio and video for such things.

    I want this video to be os-independent - and to be uploadable on youtube. For this reason, I use winFF to convert ogv to avi, unfortunately, not the ubuntu one (avi files are unreadable on windows then), but winFF (thanks God it's free) on windows works fine. Then, after glueing all pieces together, I use DivX 5.2.1, 15 frames ps.

    Audio. I know the least about it. After few attempts I found out, that using MPEG layer 3 with 16kHz, 160kbps mono is the best. Of course, the goal is to make the avi file as small as possible, as long as my voice sounds still like my voice (e.g. 8kHz is way to little). I think screencasts don't need stereo, mono is enough.

    My screencast is 13:33 minutes long. The avi file rendered as above is 24,2MB. Is it ok? Is it too much? In comparison to ruby on rails screencasts I think it's possible to lower the file size down to 15MB or so, but probably I just don't know the appropriate settings.

    Please share any suggestions and opinions, thanks in advance!

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    Have you used istanbul? it uses the gstreamer framework which is pretty powerful (same thing that powers jokosher, pitivi, totem, rhythmbox, banshee, exaile, etc)

    Ogv is supported by youtube just fine-- that's what i upload in. It's also platform independent if you just install VLC or something...

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