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    edquota + gigabites

    Hi all,

    This is a recurrent question that pos to my head every year and finally I want to put an end to it, with your kind help:

    1 - in edquota how are disk sizes espressed ?? in megabites, bites, kilobites ???? I know it would depend on the disk inode or block allocation which could be either 1024 or 2048 4056 etc, so it wouls change upon this.

    Supposing that the block allocation is in my disk is 1024, I assume 30 gigabites are expressed in edquota as 300000000 (lets say hard limit ) and then 29 gigs for soft limit would be : 290000000

    Is that correct ??

    How can I find out what the block allocation is for my disks ??

    Many thanks for your help.

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    I don't know for your first question, but you surely can try it by adding 1 as a quota to a partition, then try by writting
    1K of data. If it worked then try
    1M of data. If it worked then try
    1G of data. If it worked then try
    1T of data. If it worked then something is misconfigured (?)

    Otherwise, you will get filesize 'units' used.

    For the 2th question :
    1K = 8 bits (1 byte)
    1M = 1024K
    1G = 1024M
    1T = 1024G


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