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    Resizing ReiserFS Partition

    Ok here is the deal with me and reiserfs partitions.....
    ...Being a long time windows user I just assumed you fire up QTParted and resize your reiserfs partition to what ever I want (but I'm never to move the start block of the partition).

    I did this and made a complete mess (had to use cfdisk to delete the partition and recreate a new one). Anyway, after doing what I should have done in the first place, read around before diving straight in, I realised that I should have used the tool resize_reiserfs to shrink the file system first.

    So what I'm after (for the future) is a brief explanation of exactly how to resize (either shrink or grow) a reiserfs partition using resize_reiserfs and QTParted on knoopix/System Rescue CD.
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    im in a similar boat here, I need to resize a resierfs partition.
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    Install reiserfsprogs and /sbin/resize_reiserfs.

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    I resized my / partition which is ReiserFS with Qtparted, you can use parted if not GUI, you also need NOT to be using that HDD, so it is best that you go in through live CD such as knoppix.


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