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    CVS checkout without cvs(related) files and folders

    Hi all,

    When v perform a 'checkout' in cvs some 'CVS' related files can also be seen in the checked out copy. Is there any option in CVS checkout command to skip those files. If not v have to remove the cvs related entries manually. How to do this? I'm using RHL 8. can any one point me the command to acheive my reqirement.

    I'm going to use this checked out copy as a production copy and anyway i'm not going to link these file to repository. so i want to delete them.

    tnx in advance.

    arun kumar.m

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    In that case, you don't CHECKOUT the code, you EXPORT the code.
    Read the info page of cvs for more details on what export does and how to use it.

    Export is mainly used for preparing the source code for off-site shipment.

    Please make sure you read the docs before you decide to use it.
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    export option solved my problem

    hey man,

    tnx for ur reply, yeah! "export" seems to solve my problem. i've read the document of it and it seems no harm in using it.

    tnx once again.

    arun kumar.m


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