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    A general doubt and question..

    Hello guys,

    THis is about a doubt that i have.
    I and my friend are both having same configuration computer, with a 2 mbps internet connection.
    I use my computer and my internet connection for trivial tasks,and are idle most of the times [they are under utilized]
    on the other side, my friend is having heavy use of his computer and internet connection.

    Is there any way, that my friend can make use of my computers cpu,and net connection, to help him in his tasks?

    tell me,
    If it is possible or not,
    is there any software which helps us in this ?
    What kind of tasks in the friends computer, can benifit out of this approach

    Let me know if you need any clarifications about my doubt.
    Thanks and Reagards

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    Trusted Penguin Irithori's Avatar
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    An easy solution would be:
    You could create an additional user on your router and every PC you wish to grant your friend access to.
    Give that account to your friend.

    Then your friend would be able to login into your router, then hop to any of your PCs and work there.

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    Thank you Irithori for the feedback!!..

    What you said is how my friend can access my computer. But what I want to know is about resource utilization.

    How can my cpu which is sitting idle for a majority of time, be utilized for something usefull, over the net, by someone else [by someone, i mean another computer/software/ etc. not a person ].

    I guess the type of work done by my computer should be such that, if some data is sent to my computer, then my computer will process it and send it back. this constrain is always there i guess.

    is there any software, which does this kinda resource utilization works?

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    Trusted Penguin Irithori's Avatar
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    In theory, you could set up a cluster software, based on MPI.
    Then *some* programms could use the ressources of your computer.
    But this is
    a) overkill in terms of effort to setup
    b) not really fun over two NATs and only 2MBit/s

    The login to your computers gives him the possibility to start programms there.
    And therefore use your PC ressources.

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