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    Gfs2 vs xfs vs ext4

    Looking for suggestions as to which filesystem to go with. I currently use gfs2 on hosts with 3.4tb useable. I understand gfs2 is being left behind but xfs and ext4 are not quite certified completely on CentOS 5.2. I have email storage hosts that have a decent i/o requirement and 12TB usable after raid 1+0. We tried ext3 but it was just too slow, I am not sure if ext4 is any faster or not. I also would like to hear peoples experience with recovery on these. How long to fsck, how successful are they, etc?

    Any feedback is appreciated

    Penguin x8dtn, 24 1tb sata disks
    controller based raid 10. six disks per raid set
    64k storage block size
    average size of writes:
    guess is a few meg. No more than 16m. These are email attachments

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    I currently use reiserfs on several servers doing dedicated hosting and found that it runs io much faster then ext3 and ext4. I had thousands of email spool which seemed to handle io like a champ but I've not dealt too much with large single files.

    I know theres a ton of debate about performance on filesystems out there but my experience is in the real world not some 20 minute testing of random read/write tests by some blog junkie making an article about ext 4 verses reiserfs.

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    Reiserfs is what we are using but we need to go to RHEL 5

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