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Thread: cairo-dock

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    Would some one please fill me in on how I can make cairo-dock only hidden while there are windows maximized? It seems to like to revert to either an "always visible" state or always "hidden state." I can manually tinker with some settings to get it to behave, but something keeps changing how it behaves and there seems to be no pattern to how this happens.

    Also, is it typical for cairo-dock to need to wait until Compiz is loaded to begin running on startup? The OpenGL effects tend to be a bit touchy if I don't delay it by about 20 seconds. Is this normal?

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    I don't use cairo-dock, so I can't help on the first part, but for the second, yes, that is normal. Cairo dock requires window compositing to work right, so you need compiz or other window manager with compositing turned on to work correctly.

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