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    Dban 2.0.0 for pxe

    Hi folks.... first off, fingers crossed I have the right sub forum for my query

    My overall aim is to use Dban beta on a PXE server.

    One of the job roles at my work is too erase hard disks before passing on for recycling. Dban 1.7.0 is a capable tool, however when using it with some SATA drives it takes a hell of a while, and Dban beta (or release 2.0.0) works well with these and takes about half the time of 1.7.0 to wipe.

    My prefered method of using Dban is too boot it from a PXE server as some of the systems, dont have working floppies/cd's (tftpd32 for dhcp and pxelinux - running on a windows XP PC.) This is no probs with 1.7.0 as it comes floppy sized, so easy to use a .img file created in Winimage to use it.

    My problem is that the 2.0.0 release of dban is 5 odd meg and comes as a iso file.

    Some solutions I have tried is too convert the iso to img via a utility (may have been imgburn - will fill this in while at work tomorrow) the image converted successfully, but boot failed during loading from PXE when testing.

    Other method I used was too get a 11 meg image file for winimage (again source of this is at work) This came DOS formatted and DOS bootable. I injected the files from the cd into it and changed the boot sector to the same as the Dban 2.0.0 Cd, then secondlly to the boot sector of the dban 1.7.0. floppy..... both failed on Boot from PXE.

    I reckon, what i need to do is make a linux boot image of 11520kb size (size of my winimage file) to set up a proper file structure for that size of disk and create a proper boot environment for Dban to load (dban is biult on ISOLINUX)

    Think if i can create that i can load the boot sector from this to winimage, inject the DBAn files and may have something bootable.

    So theres the background - now the question. I have a linux server running in command line mode running Ubuntu 8.10 - i have looked up the mkbootdisk command and this has options for size and iso creation (please correct if wrong)

    What I gather Mkbootdisk isnt on ubuntu, but does have a mkboot command - but doesnt have the options of mkbootdisk (again am I wrong?)

    So basically what I'm asking is...

    Can i create a Linux bootable 11520kb image (preferablly ima/img/imz not iso) if so, what is the best Linux distribution and app to do it?

    Or is there a far more simpler way to get what i'm after?

    Thanks in advance for advice, and please respond before my brain melts with all this

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    once d-ban is started you can remove the cd and go on to another system
    I have wiped the drives on as many as 10 systems in one setting (3 servers and 7 client machines)
    dban makes 3 passes while overwriting a drive ( this is 37 times)
    d.o.d only requires they be overwritten 7 times to be classed as securely wiped.
    recovering data on a drive overwritten 10 times is impossible
    you can actually stop system after its first pass and still have it be securely wiped.

    The two reasons I let d-ban run for the full time is that I can guarantee it is a forensically clean drive and d-ban runs a brute force test on the drive and will let you know if there are any errors on it.
    you have a very good tool with d-ban.

    using a network boot
    the iso would be run on the primary server and the other systems would boot from the network. (connected to the primary)
    so you would basically create a mini isolated network for this. ( isolation is a must to prevent accidental injection of the program into active networks)

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