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    Thanks to each of you for the info.

    To answer the question from post #6: I have a good selection of RAM for these systems. Some of the ~200 MHz range systems are limited by their motherboards or chipsets -for example 64MB EDO, or a Pentium I with a single SDRAM slot which maxs out at 48MB. But for the most part they'll have 128-384MB. The other 'range' of systems [around 1Ghz] have 256-512MB.

    I'm basically trying to find distros for these machines that will run moderate to fast on the particular machine I put it on. I'm looking for standard desktop/personal-use distros. The plan is to give most of the systems to people who haven't used Linux. (new 'recruits' as it were) -And in the process I'll hopefully find a few distros that I personally like.

    I installed U-lite on a 1Ghz P3 machine., 512MB RAM. Everthing runs fine, but the web browser ( Kazehakase) doesn't have that familiar browser layout that Firefox has. Its so 'foreign' to me that its disorienting. I could probably learn to use it, but I want something more familiar for the linux-first-timers, so they don't go: "This is Linux? Its confusing and hacker-oriented just as I suspected."

    So, what are some applications that would be more familiar-looking, and also run well on the hardware? Some form of Firefox? Also what about a stable word processor, and an email program? Abiword is the defualt word processor but it has too many bugs for my taste.

    Also, I'm having trouble finding hardware requirments/recommendations for Slax and tiny core. I'm guessing Slax is for the faster machines, and Tiny core is for the oldies? What about Gentoo?

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    Some of the older Gentoo versions will run well on memory-constrained systems (as little as 32MB), but if you are going to run a GUI, you are going to hit the swapper for sure, resulting in slow operation. I think the minimum for the latest Gentoo is 64MB, but if you get the minimal install disc/iso you should be able to install on a system with less than that since you will not be installing any drivers or other components you don't need.
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