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Thread: Putty telnet

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    Putty telnet

    I use a putty telnet client for ssh connection to the linux server.

    when I issue a command like

    ls -ltr

    I get a long list of info if the number of files is a long list

    Yes I can use a command ls -ltr|more

    There is a scroll bar on the side which I can use to scroll back and forth

    However the buffer size is small - Is there an option in putty to increase the buffer size or is there another telnet ssh client which has an option to increase buffer size

    I have tried Absolute telnet - this works well but costs 50 dollars

    Any clues ?

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    rjnlinux: these are programs for Windows so you are better off asking on a Windows forum for this
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    putty help

    well yes putty is a windows telnet client

    however a lot of linux users/ admin use windows to login to the server

    I have found a suitable client

    funny - huh - I ask a question and I answer it myself...well it happens

    The client that I downloaded is free for home/school it is called xshell 3.0
    available at

    It has a bigger buffer size.

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    yes, these are windows programs, but at least they are a bridge to freedom

    The scrollback buffer can be set in putty in the category "window".
    It is set to 200 by default, set it to whatever you like.
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    Normally, I use Cygwin on my Windows systems and run telnet, or better still ssh, from there. I can configure my Cygwin shell windows to have a big scroll-back buffer (up to 9999 lines, I think). The price is right, $0 - and they also have a good X11 server so I can log in with ssh and X11 tunneling, then run X applications on the server that display on my Windows PC. I find that works really well on client systems when they don't have a proper VPN, but do allow SSH connections from outside their firewall.
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