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    stable. long-term storage.. your input?

    the story of my computing life, no matter what operating system I've been using
    seems to be going something like this...

    1-do amazing things I love with digital technology including music, video, pictures etc.
    2- loose it forever.

    what is the most reliable, stable storage solution for long term data storage??

    Im not sure If I can handle loosing any more stuff...

    but from my experience and what I know of it..
    my needs are like having cake and wanting to eat it too.

    in the past I have burned 2-3 copies of everything on DVD.
    this works, but from what I understand, their reliability drops
    dramatically after 10 years.
    I started doing this after loosing 3 external drives and countless flash drives
    to entirely unknown problems.

    your thoughts?

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    Local storage to an external drive and the same files stored to some online storage option are probably about the best you can do. The chances of both storage locations going down the drain at the same time should be minimal.

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    I backup to an esata drive in a quick-change enclosure. Use it like a tape drive (except that I use an ext2 file system). These days, a bare 1.5TB sata2 drive is a little over $100 USD (shipping included). It will take a lot of backups before swapping out to a new one. They are also more reliable than tape.
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