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    User permissions

    Hi all,

    I'll try to sum this up as concise as I can.

    I have 2 Groups, called "group-1", and "group-2"
    I have 2 Users, called "user-1", and "user-2"

    user-1 is a member of group-1
    user-2 is a member of group-2

    I've created a directory called "group-1-sandbox" and "group-2-sandbox"

    The permissions for both directories are

    drxwrxw--- group-1 group-1 ./group-1-sandbox
    drxwrxw--- group-2 group-2 ./group-2-sandbox

    so any member of group-1 can R/W/X in group-1-sandbox (ie. user-1)
    so any member of group-2 can R/W/X in group-2-sandbox (ie. user-2)

    user-1 trying to get to group-2-sandbox will fail due to access restrictions.

    So far so good...question nearly here!...

    Now, if user-1 creates a new file in group-1-sandbox, the default permissions will be
    "rw-rw-r--", the "everyone" gets read perrmissions, so to fix this, I've got the following in the startup for the users

    umask 0007

    Now, when I create, I get "-rw-rw----", this is great as I do not want "everyone" to get ANY access.

    Okay, now my question!

    The owner and group owner from a newly created file for user-1 is

    -rw-rw---- 1 user-1 user-1 0 2010-02-01 14:06 kam

    I would like it to be

    -rw-rw---- 1 user-1 group-1 0 2010-02-01 14:06 kam

    I want the parent group to be used and not the user's...

    Can this be done?


    ~Kam (^8*

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    well the easiest way is to change the users default group:

    usermod -G group1 user1

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    looking at the command, it looks like it's for setting and forgetting the group membership, I would like to adjust the "default" membership upon login for that user.

    How can I change this value for just the current "login" for that user?



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    actually i meant -g not -G which is basically the same as --gid. assigning temporary group permission the way I think you are talking about just really isn't feasible or at least to me it sounds like an administrative nightmare even if does exist.

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