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    Why not set aside a small partition to run Linux on or use a livecd. That way you have not commited to the OS and can still do work from Windows and have fun with Linux

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    Re: What Can Linux do that Windows can not FOR ME?

    Quote Originally Posted by x0054
    1. I am a Web Designer and a pre law student. So it should be something useful to me or someone like me.
    - Bogdan
    There are a lot of wysiwyg editors available, and if you're a die hard coder you only need: VI or what ever tekst editor you like.
    As for writing reports: Open Office, also writes your regular PDF files.

    Quote Originally Posted by x0054
    2. Please no Free Software arguments. Any software for Win can be gotten for free. Being that I ONLY talking about personal use, I have no moral problems with it, and no legal problems that I can expect.
    - Bogdan
    There is also payable software, Cedega, Oracle to name but a little few.

    Quote Originally Posted by x0054
    3. I am not interested in application programming, but if anything related to web applications and database applications is of interest to me. (I do run apache, php, perl, and MSQL on WIN XP for web testing)
    - Bogdan
    All are build primairily for Linux/Unix., management through webmin is easy and simple : point and click.
    You can even use phpMyAdmin to manage MySQL.

    Quote Originally Posted by x0054
    4. My Win XP has not crashed in over 2 months, I put laptop in to hibernate, so it has been running all together 67 hours with out reboot at the moment of typing this. I know Linux is stable as hell, but I just do not have a problem with that.
    - Bogdan
    Wow, My linux hasn't crashed in 10 years.
    A my servers run for 2 years or until a major distro upgrade or version upgrades are needed.

    Quote Originally Posted by x0054
    5. Finally I am talking about a LAPTOP (or an end user desktop) not a mainframe server nor a videoediting rig.
    - Bogdan
    I don't have a mainframe at home, so I'm refering to laptop and regular home based desktops too.

    All currently available major distro's are more then stable enough for work and or home use. Problem is that people are to accustomed to plug and pray.. (Pray = < w2K | Play = > w2k)

    Just try and switch everything to linux, then you'll know if you can do you work/study, if not switch back.

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    That's exactly what I have. A duel boot MEPIS and Win XP. I can do almost everything now in linux. Have no problem using it, just was wondering what are some of the things that would make me go wow about linux. I do love enlightenment wm and can not wait for the new one to come out. So that is one of the reasons I am looking at linux, because seeing enlightenment windows on my desktop makes me go "wow"

    So the things I was asking are along those lines. Just a friendly chat about linux strengths. But I do find my linux environment almost as useable as win at the moment. The only things I am missing are few car ECU tuning apps and good TTS engine (I am not blind but have a different disability that makes me highly reliant on TTS)

    Thanks for all the comments though,

    - Bogdan

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