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    [SOLVED] black screen

    Hello Everyone,
    I am new to forum posting and apologize if i have written too much. i am very anxious about my problem and wanted to give any information i thought would be even remotely helpful. i am posting here because i think that my issue might be associated with linux.

    lenovo SL500 Think Pad, x64 Intel 2 duo core 2.57ghz, 4GB ram

    -was bought with Vista installed, and first thing i did was install Puppy Linux over vista (or puppy gave me option to delete vista, or something else that means vista is gone).
    -that day was a frustrating one because so much technical work needed to be done to get everything working properly in linux. i remember one point i was changing deep system configurations through linux (i think boot settings), by listening to linux users' advice on a chat program. i didnt know what i was doing, but if it helps for you to know, i am under full impression that the advice i was given was well-meant.


    -i have XP pro x64 and was excited to start my new laptop life today with xp because i love the OS. linux is too much for me at this point.
    -at first i thought i could just install over puppy (like puppy went over vista).
    -i put the cd in and powered off then on, and the cd was spinning and things were going well (i have seen xp HOME boot up for an install and remember how the process goes).
    -blue screen, says "Windows Setup" at the top left, an option at the bottom offering me:

    "press F6 if need to install third party SCSI or RAID driver", then switches to saying "press F2 for system recovery".
    then it switches to saying "setup is loading files" and different words are flashing through (like it is loading files). Then after 25 seconds of flashing words, it stops dead in its tracks and a message fills the screen saying:

    A prob has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage. if this is first time you see this stop error screen, restart and try again. if this appears again, check for viruses, remove newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers. check hard drive so it is properly configured and terminated. run chkdsk for hard drive corruption and restart comp.


    -there was vista when i bought it
    -installed puppy linux on whole drive
    -i made partitions in linux, because i thought i was going to install more distros then.
    -i think there was a total of 4 partitions i made, each of different sizes, containing the OS, empty space, swap space, etc.
    -through linux i changed something to do with booting (i dont remember what it was) . i blindly followed peoples advice and i was tweaking digits and things in a file that i opened with notepad (or the equivalent of notepad).
    -puppy ended up working fairly well though.
    -i tried installing XP PRO today and i eventually get an error message.
    -i put in another xp cd i have (Home) to see if that would have the same effect, and it did.
    -so i did research and thought i needed to wipe the drive.
    -i burned "dban boot and nuke" iso to cd and it booted fine and then spent a whole 2 hours wiping the drive.
    -it completed and said "success"
    -then I put xp pro back in and the same problem happens.
    -except now no more Puppy.


    Think Pad logo comes up right away for 5 seconds,
    and then a solid black screen takes over, with a little white curser blinking in the top left.
    and that's it!
    -buttons cause no change

    However I can boot from live cd's (i have puppy linux boot cd and it works perfectly fine).
    -if i check partitions through puppy linux OS, i see that the whole hard drive is one piece and unallocated.
    (many partitions existed when puppy was installed. so "dban boot and nuke" must have wiped the drive.

    i have used the laptop for about 5 hours in total (minus time installing linux)
    it is bran new.
    i hope i have not damaged something with linux somehow.
    i have no idea what to do.
    i would be so appreciative of any help about this.
    this is my first time using these forums and i am sorry if i have not given you enough information.
    please tell me what you need to know and i will make sure to find out.
    i will check back here often,

    and thank you very much for any help at all!


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    Hi and Welcome !

    Is there any reason for using Puppy Linux? Your Laptop specs are good for any high end distro.

    I would suggest you to consider Ubuntu. Its a new user friendly distro and will work fine in your machine.
    -then I put xp pro back in and the same problem happens.
    -except now no more Puppy.
    Dual boot setup is very easy. Install Windows XP or Vista first. Post back here and we will post installation procedure step by step.
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    If it is a harware problem, it isn't caused by linux. Nothing you did in installing Puppy or changing boot settings would damage your hardware.

    Now that you have wiped the drive entirely, I would reformat it to NTFS or FAT32 before trying to install Windows XP. My personal experience has been that XP has a hard time with drives not formatted to one of those two filesystem types.

    You can do this using gparted from a live CD like Parted Magic. Or I think Puppy has gparted on it, as well.

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    Black Screen

    First thing is that the black screen with the flashing white cursor is the result of there being no boot loader on the hard drive. The issue with the XP CD sounds like it may be due to the age of the OS.

    You may need to disable some of the new features of the mother board in order to get XP to install. If you are running fresh hardware I would recommend that you take advantage of the gear and run either linux (fedora or ubuntu) or Windows 7 (you should qualify for upgrade pricing since the notebook shipped with Vista).

    Hope this helps

    my $0.02

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    Need to build XP properly


    This isn't going to be too much help as I don't know enough about XP to tell you exactly what to do.

    However, it sounds like "all" that has happened is that your XP install has failed, and you have now got a clean system which cannot run. That's not as bad as it sounds. You simply need to reinstall XP properly - that's all.

    So start again with the XP install and see what options you have - for example, doing a completely clean install where the installer formats the disks for you would probably solve the problem.

    As mentioned in another post, the harddisk might be incorrectly formatted currently and seeing as you cannot boot your machine, you need the XP install disks to correct that for you (if that option is offered) or the programmes as mentioned above

    If you cannot find an option that lets you completely reformat your disks and reinstall from scratch, then I would suggest find someone to have a look at it for you - it may be you need a different XP install disk.

    There is the possibility XP doesn't run on your machine, in which case you would need to reinstall Vista (shudder - what were they thinking of) or windows 7.

    Small comfort but installing linux on top first probably has very little to do with it. Either way you would have wiped the disk contents.

    Alternatively of course you could try again with linux

    Best of luck!

    Neill Jones
    whosup4 Ltd

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    I have had problems with boot loaders too - and I think that 'super GRUB disk' is great!

    You can get it at www dot supergrubdisk dot org or (if you have another computer and a USB thumbdrive) you can download Unetbootin (there are versions that run on Linux and Windows - at unetbootin dot sourceforge dot net - and use unetbootin to create a bootable USB drive with Super Grub Disk installed (or a lot of other distributions like Ubuntu, etc - but that is not your problem right now.) Of course all this stuff is free, open source, etc ...(sorry for the nonURLS but they won't let me post URLS here since I am too much of a newbie, I guess)

    Once you boot with Super Grub Disk it will search all of your drives for bootable OSes and try to create a GRUB boot loader for you.

    Worked for me when I had known installs that wouldn't boot - (eg, when I had a 'black screen' with the blinking cursor)

    Good luck!

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    Guess what. Xp does not come with Sata drivers for Sata Hardrives. You are expected to load the drivers for Sata when the F6 prompt comes up. That is why XP is failing. You can find the Sata drivers at your Computer makers site and slipstream them into XP if you are Set on running XP.

    Ubuntu.Mint.Mepis.OpenSuse.Mandriva.Fedora. Will all boot up and install on your system. You can run them live firsat to test. Hell, I have Puppy,AntiX,Mint,Windows 2000 Pro all booting up on the same hardrive on a Panasonic (IDE Hardrive) Laptop. Rule of thumb is install Windows First. Then shrink Windows Partition to make room for Puppy or whatever else your heart desires.

    How to dual boot Windows XP and Linux (XP installed first) -- the step-by-step guide with screenshots

    Above tutorial is for Ubuntu. But any Linux distro can be installed (generically) using the steps in the above Link.

    Looks Like you have some work cut out for you figuring out how to get sata drivers to boot up XP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rokynji
    Guess what. Xp does not come with Sata drivers for Sata Hardrives. You are expected to load the drivers for Sata when the F6 prompt comes up. That is why XP is failing. You can find the Sata drivers at your Computer makers site and slipstream them into XP if you are Set on running XP.
    XP supports SATA disks very well and there is no need to install driver for that. If there was a problem, installation couldn't go past first screen. I am sure about SATA support by Windows XP SP1 onwards.
    Anyways, Thread Starter is having Windows OS based problem only. If he/she installs Windows OS properly, Linux installation will be very easy.
    It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.
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    Yes, it does sound like XP doesn't have the drivers for your hard drive - or more to the point - your controller. Paralaptop (I can't post the URL, but Google "sl500 XP") has instruction for installing XP that say that there is an option in the BIOS (press F1 to enter BIOS) to set the hard drive compatibility mode. If you can set it to an appropriate mode you might be able to install (I have no idea what the options are - so this may not be helpful, but maybe the IO controller has some weird mode that is only compatible with Vista).

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    Maybe the Boot Loader broke MBR?

    GRUB (and other boot loaders) install themselves in the Master Boot Record space on the hard disk, Windows XP will not like that.

    You may want to investigate restoring the MBR. Microsoft fdisk utility can do this with the /mbr switch. See Microsoft support Article ID: 69013 (Sorry I can't post the link . This is due to Linux forum site restrictions)

    Hope this helps.

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