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    need help setting up ssh from Linux/Unix to Windows

    Has anyone set up a paswordless sftp from a Linux or Unix (AIX) system to a Windows system?

    We have tried several things authorized_keys etc. and keep getting an error.

    I am just looking for a HOW To on this. i read several articles and I get get UNIX to UNIX , Linux to Linux and Linux to Unix etc. working but not Windows...

    Here is what we get.

    as for the windows side I believe its a mozilla sftp server they set up. Out of my control. I just do the Linux/Unix side.

    $sftp myuser@windowssvr-new
    Connecting to windowssvr-new...
    Permission denied (publickey).
    Connection closed

    I sent them my public key
    the communication has to be from Linux and Unix to windows no incoming traffic to linux and Unix.

    We were able to get the keys to work coming into L/Unix but not going out to windows.

    i could be wrong on the sftp server name. I thought he said was it was Mozilla. I will check that. But it should all be the same as its ssh, standard protocol

    I will see if i can find a windows forum. I just thought someone here might have tried to do this from L/Unix.
    Any help would be great. Thanx

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    Still looking for a solution iof anyone has idea

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    is there anything when you add verbosity (-v) to your sftp session that stands out?
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    We resolved this some timage. Sorry I forgot to post back. Got busy.

    Basicaly we had a permission issue on the users .ssh directory. ssh is not very helpful with its errors with reguards to that.

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    Have a look at this site. There's a page on ssh which seems useful.

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