Hi! All,
I am facing problem in Linux KDE Workstation.
I have installed Oracle 8i on Linux 6.22 KDE Workstation.
When I logged on to SQL Plus to write my queries. I cant edit the last writen query like
SQL> ED in Window environment which opens notepad for modifications.

Is there any similar kind of thing to set the KEDIT or gNotepad or any kind of editor on Linux Enviroment.
Even when I try to type
SQL> ED in Linux it is simply showing some charecters but not even vi editor is opened for changes.
Please help in this concern as I m facing lot of problems some times I need to write lines of query again and test it.

And one more thing is
In GNOME when I select the previous query from SQL Prompt and Right Click it will be copied on the present prompt position.
But in KDE workstation it is not possible. Why it is not supporting as it is most flexible feature for the develpers to write,execute,copy,modify and test the queries.

Thanks in Advance.