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    Recover Linux Job from Old Terminal Session?

    Hi, I had a job running in the background in a shell... I closed the session...

    Now I reconnect, I can see the process still running, but the terminal is coming up as ?

    boss 19609 0.0 0.0 63880 1128 ? S 10:28 0:01 /bin/bash ./

    Is there a way I can get control of this job again without having to just kill it off?


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    Normally it auto kills the job when you close the session.

    But execute: jobs to get a list of running jobs.
    Then type: fg # to get it back to the foreground.

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    It has been effectively nohup'd so killing the session didn't also kill the process. The problem is reattaching it to another session (shell), which I'm not sure how to accomplish, sorry...
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    This is essentially what the screen utility is for: you can leave a screen session running, logout, login later, and reconnect to screen, and it's as though you never left.

    However, given the current circumstance, I don't believe that you can reconnect to that process: it is now completely inaccessible.

    It might be interesting to know where its stdin and stdout are going: you can check the stdout and stdin file descriptors by running:
    ls -l /proc/19609/fd
    0 points to stdin and 1 points to stdout (2 points to stderr). Using these links, you may be able to see where input is coming from / going to, and get data from the process that way.

    Of course, if it's /dev/null, you're out of luck.

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