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Thread: DVD Media

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    DVD Media

    I'd like to buy DVD media but I'm not sure if I am buying the right one.

    I see that there are DVD+ DVD- and my burner will burn both but will regular DVD roms read them?
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    From the DVDs I've burned, I can't see any difference between DVD+R and DVD-R. I believe (though I'm a little hazy on this) that they were simply competing standards that did the same thing. I have been able to read all of my DVD+Rs on regular DVD-ROM drives.
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    The plus and minus are just diffrent standards. Makes no diffrence for reading. Personally I haven't really had any issues with either one just like techieMoe.

    Although most people I've talked to about it seem to suggest using + instead of - if it's optional.

    Of course there is a third format. DVD-RAM. Which isn't really supported by many burners (you can read em just fine though) at all and the dics are hard to find. Ironicly it is also fro m what I hear the most reliable format.

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    yup, they are almost the same, the difference is that

    DVD-R/RW is approve by the DVD Forum ( and they are compatible with most dvd player/drive.

    DVD+R/RW is made by a group of company who tried to make their own standard and it is not approve by the DVD Forum. The reason why it is a little bit compatible with dvd player/drive is that it has bitsetting, it kinda makes the player/drive think its a DVD and not a recordable disc.

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