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    Some Questions For Dolda-2000

    As you know i am fairly new here thus i am a little confused about a few things i would be grateful if you could clear them up.

    1. Is this your webforum?, or are you the moderator or none, if so please tell me who is the moderator.

    2. Is "Kriss" your brother ??? i think i heard andutt saying that he was.

    3. I dont mean to be rude when i ask but i feel that i should..... Why have you given yourself a username that is a sex toy ie dildo 2000?????


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    The forum moderator is sykkn that can you see under usergroups on the top of the page, i dont think Dolda and kriss are related because Dolda lives in Sweden and Kriss in Norway. Thoose info can you se under memberlist for the specific users....

    I dont think that i have said that anywere...that kriss and Dolda are related...if so i must have misspelled...




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    That's right. Sykkn is the moderator; I'm more or less just an ordinary user.
    And, no, Kriss and I are certainly not related (as far as I know... =) ).
    And for the last question... well... no, I did not think of Dildo 2000, although I do admittedly understand that you could get such an idea =). Dolda comes from a friend of mine, who is very good at making up silly nicknames. The heritage of Dolda is long and has gone through several stages of mutation, and I don't even remember it all, but I believe that it is in the end related to Tolf, my real last name. Anyway, I happened to kind of like Dolda, and when I, a couple of years ago, hosted a Counter-Strike server for that very friend of mine, I named it Dolda2000, because of the trend of that time to name everything 2000 something. And it kind of stuck with me. I'm using it more or less everywhere when I use an alias.
    Actually, I later found out from another user of this forum that Dolda seems to be a female name in several slavic languages. He wondered if I was a girl... =)

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    lol ok this is quite funny!!!

    NO its just that i thought i heard andutt saying that kriss was your brother and so i thought i would ask. i looked at his profile (kriss) and theres him wearing glasses and a jim morrison poster in the back, i have this feeling that kriss is a hacker/cracker.

    But anyway thanks for your reply.

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    I would not call my self a hacker/cracker, neither am I a criminal, and I'm not good at coding either..

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