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    Undo Raid 1 or Data Recovery of "TYPE FD"

    I just accidentally put my drive to RAID 1 mode, and all the data has been lost. Is there any way to undo the RAID 1 to let it back to the "previous stage" or how to recover all the lost data from the system format "TYPE FD"? Thank you!

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    What *exactly* did you do to "put the drive in raid 1 mode"?
    And did you write to that drive after that in any way?
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    The drive has been "rebuild" as a RAID 1 drive. When I tried to do some data recovery, I found the system format is showed as "TYPE FD". After the drive is "rebuild", I did not write any new thing into it because I hope there is some way to recover the old(lost) data in the drive originally.

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    I don't know for sure what you mean by "rebuilt" or how you did it, but you could try using fdisk to change the partition type from 'fd' to '83'. Write the change to disk and try mounting the disk again.

    Even if the disk was repartitioned, you might be able to recover some of your data if you can partition it again exactly as it was. That's a guess on my part, but re-partitioning doesn't actually write anything to the data areas of the hard disk.

    Might work, depending on what happened during the 'rebuild' process.

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