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Thread: Dev Random

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    Dev Random

    We want to create more entropy for an application so we setup:

    rm -f /dev/random
    ln -s /dev/urandom

    This is exactly what I want. However whenever I reboot the system the /dev/random file has been recreated and the soft link is gone. I can't seem to figure out why this happens.

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    This happens because /dev does not contain normal files. /dev contains your devices, and it is populated dynamically as things change on the system (you plug in a USB key, etc.).

    If you want to make a "persistent" change to /dev, there are two options:

    1) Write a kernel module

    2) Write an init script

    The second is MUCH easier . Basically, write an init script that removes /dev/random and links it to /dev/urandom. This way, on boot, the action will be taken, and it will appear that the change is permanent.

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