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    Using Linux To Recover Windows Password?

    My aunt uses Windows XP and got a nasty virus on it. It was a rootkit virus that fooled her anti-virus software and it also wouldn't let here access the internet. Because of this I tried to run the computer in safe mode so I could try to get a good antivirus program that would check for rootkits.

    When in the msconfig I enabled the safemode and also disabled the avast (anti-virus) from startup. When I went to apply It told me I had to be an administrator to do this opperation. So I logged out and saw no administrator user. So I logged back in and set the login type to the business style where you need to type the username and the password. Here is where I screwed up. My aunt had her computer for 1 month and didn't know either her username OR her password! I am now stuck at the login screen and I've tried everything that might be the two (including guest and all blank). I removed the cmos battery and that didn't work either.

    Long story short (skip here if you don't want to read the explanation)

    I'm locked out of the Windows computer and I don't want to have to swipe her computer with a fresh Windows installation (she doesn't want linux ). So it's Linux to save the day! I have an ubunut 9.04 disc, kubuntu 9.10 disc, and a fedora 10.xx disc (my current os). Which should I use and how can I use Linux to recover the windows username and password?

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    From Linux you can access the Windows disc. However, the user login id/password database is probably not accessible from Linux. If you have the Windows installation disc, you can reinstall Windows without losing data, and should be able to reset the password and user accounts. In any case, this problem will best be answered in a Windows user forum, and not here. We can certainly help you reset the root (admin) account on a Linux system, but Windows is another issue.
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    have you tried the Hirens disk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GroogFish View Post
    how can I use Linux to recover the windows username and password?

    You can use the Parted Magic LiveCD to reset your Windows passwords. It contains an application called chntpw that should help. I'm not so sure that it will help to remember a username, though:

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