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Thread: dhcpd problem

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    dhcpd problem

    guys i configures my dhcpd on linux red hat 9 and i connected to it a laptop with a crossover cable (no hub) , the laptop is runiing windows xp,
    in the tcp ip configuration on windows xp i chose to automatecly obtain an ip adress, but still when i run them, windows xp dosn't seem to get an ip from the server, insted it gets the 196 ip which is microsoft ip
    can somone help me?? do i need to install any kind of dhcp client on windows xp???

    any help is apreciated



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    No, you dont need to install a dhcp client.
    Have you tried assigning a static ip address to the xp interface ?
    Also, why do you have a dhcp server ? You only have one client, why not just assign it a static address.

    Anyway, it sounds like its a problem with the crossover cable. Did you wire it yourself or did you buy it ? Run tcpdump on the dhcp server to see if it getting the dhcp requests.

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    Also check so that dhcpd is actually running.
    Just thought I'd add a bit knowledge as well: it's actually a 169.* (not 196) IP address, which is not a Microsoft address, but belongs in the standard reserved class B IP address range.

    Anyway, if you're sure that dhcpd is running, do as craig says and run tcpdump on the server. Also check so that you don't have a firewall blocking the DHCP port.

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    I didnt understand... which machine is acting dhcp-server?? It sholdnt be a problem from non of your computers to obtain a ipadress throw dhcp.




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