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    how to get control of other session?

    I have a Linux based machine on which I run vncserver, at port 5904.
    Consider the following scenario:
    - I'm working locally and using many windows for programs.
    - I'm going home. Someone else logs-in to his account (while mine is opened).
    - I want to connect with vncviewer to the machine, and keep working on my desktop.

    Can someone kindly help? I've tried googling for the solution with no success
    Thank you!

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    There is needed information missing from your post.

    1. At work, did you login to the console?
    2. Did the other person login to the console, or via a telnet/ssh/vnc connection?
    3. How have you configured your VNC session(s) - to connect to the physical X-server/GUI, or to connect to a virtual X-server/GUI?

    You can configure vnc to allow connections to the running console/X-server/GUI, or to connect to X-servers running on virtual consoles.
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    Thanks for helping.

    Also I use linux for sometime, I don't fully familiar with all the terms, so forgive me if mixing up between terms....
    At work I login "locally", meaning I use the keyboard connected to the PC to interact with the graphic login screen. If that means "login to the console" so I am.

    After I'm gone, the other user use "switch user" from the gnome menu, and then he logs-in the same way as I am.

    I'm not sure what is virtual compared to physical. I use (to run the vncserver) the follows:
    [......]$ vncserver :4

    By the way, I know I can connect locally to the vncserver, but then I loose screen area and its less comfortable, plus, I sometime forget doing that and then its too late 'cause there're many programs running already ...

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